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Get a Beauty School Education, not just a License.

I've worked in the beauty industry for almost a decade now and the number one thing I hear when talking to other industry professionals about their education experience is that they left school feeling like they weren't prepared to actually do the job. I was so excited when I left school and landed my first job as an esthetician but I quickly realized that I didn't really know a darn thing about skin or skin care. I had gone to cosmetology school, not an esthetics program, and during my education had decided that I didn't want to do hair but I loved giving facials. I knew how to give a facial and I was great at it, but I didn't know how to give a consultation, I didn't know anything about skincare ingredients, I didn't know anything about how to do this job. What had I learned in school? I learned how to take the state boards, which was great, it got me here. But I didn't know how to do the job or be successful. My employer wanted me to know what I was doing and she didn't really want to train me. I learned fast that I was going to have to figure it out on my own or I wasn't going to last at this job. I spent almost $20,000 on an education and I had gotten hours and I had gotten a license. As far as the education part though, I was on my own. This isn't the way it should be and after hearing about the same experience from so many others I was determined to change education in this industry. I worked hard for over a year writing the curriculum and found successful industry professionals that are passionate about teaching. So that when you come to school at The Hair & Skin Refinery you will leave with hours to get a license but more importantly you are going to leave with an amazing education and confidence that you are prepared to work and be successful in this industry.

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