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Esthetics Program

The Hair & Skin Refinery School & Salon is dedicated to providing students with the best esthetics program in Loveland, Colorado. Our unique hybrid online and in-person program consists of 600 hours of comprehensive training, ensuring students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the beauty industry. Our students get the chance to gain real-world experience in our busy student salon, giving them ample hands-on practice on actual clients.

Esthetic students will complete the following courses:

Facials and Skin Care                                       210 clock hour    

Facial Makeup                                                 30 clock hours

Hair Removal                                                   90 clock hours

Laws, Rules & Regulations                                  30 clock hours

Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills

and Salesmanship                                             30 clock hours

Disinfection, Sanitation and Safe Work

Practices                                                           210 clock hours

Program Costs

Tuition:                       $8000

Registration Fee:         $100

Kit Fee/Supplies:       $1500

Total Cost:                   $9600

Convenient, zero interest in-house financing is available

Schedule a tour:

Call 970-685-4777


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